Restricted Page – Board Papers 2017

Board papers December 2017

A. QM Framework Requirements 27112017

B. Board Delivery Structure Revised V1

C. Quality mark Board Transition and Development Plan

D. TrustMark _ MCS Proposal v2

E. Framework Operating Requirements-2

Dec-17 note

December 7th EHC Board V1paper 2

EHC Implementation Board 7.12.17-Paper 1

EHC Implementation Board 7.12.17-Paper 3

Board papers November 2017

Nove-17 EHC Agenda

Nove-17 meeting note

Nove-17 Paper – EHC Quality Mark Financing subcommittee paper 

Nove-17 Quality Mark Sub-committee feedback to EHC board 2.11.17 v2

Nove-17delegate List

Board papers October 2017

Oct-17 EHC Board Note

October agenda EHC Implementation Board final

Paper 1 EHC Quality mark subcommittee paper

Paper 2 – Decisions required from the Board

Board papers September 2017

Sept-17 agenda 12 Sept 2017-EHC Implementation Board final

Sept-17 Attendee list

Sept-17 Conflict of interest

Sept-17 EHC Process Map

Sept-17 EHC quality mark sub cttee draft ToR v3

Sept-17 Slides for EHC board plus ECO priorities

Sept-17 SJ slide-Principles that we endorse

Sept-17 Quality Mark Sub-committee Notes of meeting 05.09.17

Sept-17 Quality Mark sub-committee feedback to EHC board 12.9.17

Sept-17 Liz diagram doc 25

Board papers July 2017

Jul-17 Final agenda 06 July 2017-EHC Implementation Board

Board papers June 2017

Jun 17 Agenda 01 June 2017-EHC Implementation Board

Jun-17 Each Home Counts Workshop – Challenges and Issues – 14 June 2017

Jun-17 Bonfield implementation board 1 JUN 17

Jun-17 CONFIDENTIAL – Code of Conduct summary of requirements v3 (1)

Jun-17 CONFIDENTIAL – Code of Conduct summary of requirements v3 (1)

Jun-17 CONFIDENTIAL – Code of Conduct summary of requirements v3 (2)

Jun-17 Each Home Counts Implementation Board 1 June

Jun-17 EHC Update 1.6.17

Board papers May 2017

May-17 11 April Implementation Board Actions

May-17 Chairmans vision piece and board guidelines final

May-17 Copy of EHC-IB 568579-Delegate list

May-17 Each Home Counts Implementation Template

May-17 EHC Glossary of Terms

May-17 EHC Implementation Board Terms of Reference v2

May-17 Measurement Monitoring and Verification (2)

May-17 Revised Each Home Counts Implementation Board 4th May 2017 final

May-17Each Homes Counts Review Presentation (2)

Board papers April 2017

Apr-17 11.04.17 Implementation Board meeting notes

Apr-17 170420 Each Home Counts Briefing Note

Apr-17 11 April Implementation Board Actions

Apr-17 IB-11th April-delegate List

Apr-17 EHC Implementation Board ToR draft 1 1

Apr-17 EHC Glossary of Terms

Apr-17 Each Homes Counts Review Presentation

Apr-17 Draft Implementation Plan Template

Apr-17 Agenda EHC-Implementation Board 11th April 2017 (2)

Board papers March 2017

Mar-17 Table of Stakeholder Groups identified

Mar-17 Quality Mark Schematic

Mar-17 Implementation Board 2 March 2016

Mar-17 02.03.2017 IB attendee list

Mar-17 Draft Implementation Plan Template

Mar-17 Draft Implementation Plan Template

Board papers January 2017

Jan-17 EHC Implementation Board 12 January 2016

Jan-17 170111 EHC Timeline (2)