Each Home Counts Review Newsletter 17th February 2017


The Review Team are continuing work towards implementation of the Review’s recommendations following the launch event. We are pleased to see industry stakeholders getting involved in the workstreams and will be supporting the development of implementations plans for each workstream.

The Review: Feedback
The opportunity to provide feedback on the Each Home Counts report concluded on Tuesday 31st January.  The Review team received a large number of responses which we are currently working through. We would like to thank everyone who provided us with feedback on the Review report.
Finance and Insurance workstream
Stephen Huller, lead on the Review’s Finance and Insurance workstream, met with members of the Senior Executive at the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC).  He was interested to hear their plans for the relaunch of this welcome funding mechanism and invited them to input into this workstream to ensure that the outcomes are easy to navigate and provide easy engagement by all stakeholders.
Consumer Protection/Code of Conduct workstream
Peter Broad and Liz Male, joint workstream leads for Consumer Protection/Code of Conduct will be holding a crosscutting meeting with those stakeholders who have expressed an interest in funding low energy retrofit work. This meeting is intended to discuss the scope of the Code of Conduct work.
This week… Next week…
·         Peter and the Review team are continuing to engage with stakeholders on the Review recommendations and to discuss next steps. We met with Scottish Government officials this week to explore how the Review recommendations could be taken forward through Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP)


Future events

·         Quality & Standards: Fabric workshop February 2017
·         EHC Conference workshop Spring 2017
The Each Home Counts Review Team
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, James Sharples and Diana Menville

Work-streams are:

·         Quality Mark Functions

·         Monitoring & Enforcement

·         Consumer Protection

·         Standards

·         Delivery Organisation

·         Information Hub & Data Warehouse

·         Skills & Training

·         Data Privacy & Protection

·         Finance & Insurance

·         Building Fabric & Technology

·         Renewables & Home Energy Technology

·         Measurement & Learning

If you wish to contact the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please drop an email to [email protected]

.We welcome your interest in the workstreams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account [email protected]