Each Home Counts Review Newsletter 28th April 2017


The pre-election period “purdah” started on Friday 21st April and will continue until the General Election on Thursday 8th June.  During this time essential government business continues, however, discretion will be observed in initiating and communicating any new policies or other longer term actions.

Due to the industry led nature of the Review, the workstream activity will continue during this period and beyond to ensure the review recommendations are implemented across the wider industry sector.

Fabric & Technology workstream update
The Fabric & Technologies workstream lead, Peter Caplehorn is setting up three working groups.    Each working group will be allocated a chair person and will take forward the detailed work on implementing one of the following recommendations:

Recommendation 17 All retrofit projects will have an appropriate design stage process which takes a holistic approach and adequately considers the home, its local environment, heritage, occupancy, and the householders’ improvement objectives when determining suitable measures.

Recommendation 18 Put in place a process for gathering information and the design specification ahead of any installation of insulation or fabric measures; store this in the Data Warehouse for future use and to facilitate continuous improvement; and load aftercare support and quality information into the Data Warehouse following an installation.

Recommendation 19 Ensure that the Insulation and Fabric workstream feeds into the standards, skills and quality assurance development processes, and that these reflect best practice, and fully take account of the issues specific to the measures.

Peter will be holding initial meetings with the chairs of these groups next week. This will then be the start of detailed work and regular meetings.

Other workstreams will be invited to these meetings to provide updates.  The  working groups will also present their work to other workstreams.

Standards workstream update
On Monday 24th April, Clare Price and Peter Rickaby, who are leading the Standards workstream and development of technical standards for retrofit via the BSI Retrofit Standards Task Group, met with Simon Ayers of TrustMark, who is working with certification bodies on the development of the Each Home Counts quality mark.

The relationships between technical standards, the Quality Mark and the various certification and accreditation processes used in the retrofit industry were discussed, as well as means of funding these aspects of the implementation of the Each Home Counts review.  Areas of collaboration and coordination were identified for ongoing work in both areas.

Also, on Tuesday 25th April, the BBC Radio 4 programme Costing the Earth broadcast ‘Insulation for the Nation’ an episode ‎about domestic retrofit.  The programme mentioned the Each Home Counts review and included an interview with Implementation Board member Peter Rickaby, amongst a group of academics and professionals from the retrofit industry.

This week…. Next week…..
·         The EHC Implementation board will be held on Thursday 4th May 2017.

Future events

·         Home Energy Technology & Renewables Tbc either 16/30th May 2017
·         Quality Mark workshop w/c 15th May2017
·         EHC Implementation Event w/c 12th June 2017
The Each Home Counts Review Team
The team is:

Howard Porter, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, James Sharples and Diana Menville

Workstreams are:

·         Quality Mark Functions
·         Code of Conduct/Consumer Protection
·         Standards
·         Monitoring & Enforcement
·         Delivery Organisation
·         Information Hub & Data Warehouse
·         Skills & Training
·         Data Privacy & Protection
·         Finance & Insurance
·         Building Fabric & Technology
·         Home Energy Technology & Renewables
·         Design and Installation
·         Measurement and Learning
·         Smart Meters
·         Pilots
If you wish to contact the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please drop an email to [email protected]

We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]