Each Home Counts Review Newsletter 13th October 2017


Progress continues on the Each Home Counts website and the delivery approach to be taken for the proposed quality mark for Each Home Counts.

Implementation Board update

The Each Home Counts Implementation Board had their monthly meeting on Thursday 5th October. The meeting discussion focussed on the potential delivery approach for the proposed Each Home Counts quality mark.

As reported in previous newsletters, a quality mark subcommittee has been set up by the Implementation Board to review the proposed quality mark model being developed by industry and discuss how it may be established.

The group presented initial findings to the Implementation Board in September and have continued to meet since.  The subcommittee presented their findings on the quality mark delivery approach on Thursday 5th October.

At the Board meeting, members discussed several options for delivery and requested further detailed work be carried out to report back in November.

Standards update

The BSI Retrofit Standards Task Group met on Friday 6th October and approved the scopes of the proposed update to PAS 2030 and the proposed new PAS 2035 Code of Practice for Energy Retrofit of Buildings, both of which will now be remitted to the PAS Steering Groups. Members of the Task Group were nominated to the Steering Groups for the two PASs, and members were identified who will lead the work to scope several new standards and to liaise with the owners of existing standards that will be assimilated into the framework.

On Wednesday 4th October, Peter Rickaby (co-lead of the standards work-stream) visited the Environmental Change Institute (ECI) at Oxford University to discuss the GLIDER research project with Dr Marina Topouzi. GLIDER (Governance of Low Carbon Innovation for Domestic Retrofit) is a joint research project being conducted by ECI and the University of Leeds, and the findings are of potential value for the development of the retrofit standards framework for Each Home Counts. Dr Topouzi will join the BSI Retrofit Standards Task Group.

This week…. Next week…..

The EHC team are attending various stakeholder meetings this week and next week to provide an update on the Review reports recommendations.

Future events

Compliance and Enforcement meeting Monday 16th October 2017
Implementation Board meeting Thursday 2nd November 2017
HET Group meeting Monday 6th November 2017
Consumer Protection workshop TBC


The Each Home Counts Review Team

The team is: Howard Porter, Susan Jones, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, James Sharples and Diana Menville.

The workstreams are:

  • Quality Envelope Functions (Simon Ayers, Trustmark)
  • Code of Conduct/Consumer Protection (Liz Male, Liz Male Consulting / Peter Broad, Citizens Advice)
  • Standards (Clare Price, BSI/ Peter Rickaby, Peter Rickaby Consulting)
  • Compliance & Enforcement (Claire Curtis-Thomas, BBA)
  • Information Hub & Data Warehouse (Philip Sellwood, Laura McGadie, EST)
  • Skills & Training (Richard Bayliss, CITB)
  • Data Ethics, Privacy & Protection (Rich Hampshire, CGI)
  • Finance & Insurance (Stephen Huller, BNP Paribas Personal Finance)
  • Building Fabric & Technology (Peter Caplehorn, CPA)
  • Home Energy Technology & Renewables (Kelly Bulter, BEAMA)
  • Design and Installation (Alan Cochrane, Retrofit Design Services)
  • Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (Kerry Mashford, NEF)
  • Smart Meters (Audrey Gallacher, Energy UK)
  • Social Housing (Bevan Jones, Sustainable Homes)
  • Pilots (BEIS)

We welcome your interest in the workstreams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our website.