Each Home Counts Newsletter 9 September 2016


‘Each Home Counts Review’ Newsletter

9th September 2016


We are making good progress on finalising the Review report. The Review team are working with the various teams across industry and government to ensure the content of the report is up to date with current activities within the industry landscape.


We plan to publish the Review report as soon as we can and will keep you informed regarding when that will be.  We appreciate your continued patience in the meantime.

In other news……..
The principles and methods applied during the Review by Peter and the team have also been used as a contribution to a range of work across Government reviewing Flood Resilience, launched in the wake of December 2015’s storms.

Peter was appointed to chair a Roundtable looking specifically at property level flood resilience and to develop an action plan. The property level flood resilience Review Action Plan was published on 8th  September as part of the National Flood Resilience Review and   can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/improving-property-level-flood-resilience-bonfield-2016-action-plan

Lessons learnt from last winter’s floods have helped build a new approach so the nation is better prepared and more resilient to flooding.

This review report can be found here:


The review includes:

  • £12.5 million for new temporary defenses, such as barriers and high volume pumps, at seven strategic locations around the country. By this winter, the Environment Agency (EA) will have four times more temporary barriers than last year.
  • Utility companies’ commitment to increase flood protection of their key local infrastructure, such as phone networks and water treatment works, so they are resilient to extreme flooding.
  • A new stress test of the risk of flooding from rivers and the sea in England. For the first time, Met Office forecasts of extreme rainfall scenarios will be linked with Environment Agency modelling to provide a new assessment of flood risk.
This week…. Next week…..
BSI have been taking forward workshops to update PAS2030/2031 in support of the Energy Company Obligation and the Green Deal supported by BEIS.

This work involves a complete review and update ahead of a revised publication to come into effect in 2017.  This work has been moving forward in close coordination with the Retrofit Standards Group led headed up by Peter Rickaby.

Workshops were held on the revision of PAS 2030 and 2031 on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September.

Future Events


·       Skills & training workshop Autumn 2016
·       Advice and Guidance workshops Autumn 2016
·       Home Energy Technologies workshop To be confirmed
The Bonfield Review Team
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, Nadine Robinson, and Diana Menville

Work-streams are:

·       Advice & Guidance,

·       Insulation/Fabric,

·       Holistic Property Consideration

·       Home Energy Technologies

·       Smart Meters,

·       Compliance & Enforcement

·       Quality & Standards,

·       Consumer Protection,

·       Skills & Training

If you wish to speak to the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please contact Alison in the short term.

We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]