Each Home Counts Newsletter 4 March 2016


‘Every Home Matters’ Newsletter

04th March  2016


We are pleased to report there continues to be a lot of activity happening across all the Review Workstreams and this highlights the good progress we are making.

We have now moved onto the next phase and are focused on pulling together all workstream recommendations and roadmaps and working out how they link together.

This week…. Next week…..
·        On Tuesday 01st March we had the second Consumer Protection workshop, where our attendees were split into 3 groups to discuss:

(i) consumer redress

(ii) pre-contract information and

(ii) monitoring and enforcing quality of work

·        The second Implementation Board was held on Thursday 03rd March where we discussed all the workstream recommendations for the report, identifying links and identifying any gaps.

Future Events

·        Smart Meters workshop Wednesday 09th March 2016
·        Home Energy Technologies Friday 11th March 2016
Consumer Protection led by Citizens Advice
A second consumer protection workshop was held on 1st March. The productive event continued the group’s previous work and built on the roadmap for redress.


The event concluded with a list of comprehensive recommendations and a roadmap for the consumer protection workstream:

1) A single consistent redress process including:

·        A single point of guidance on redress

·        A consistent minimum standard of redress provision for scheme participants through a Code of Practice

·        A single ADR provider to provide backstop redress, free at the point of use by consumers

·        A ‘single promise’ guarantee, covering all losses the consumer may incur.

2) More effective control of sales practices and better pre-contract information including:

Regulation of approved lead generators

·        Clear pre contract information provision to consumer

·        A single, long term and consistent source of information on energy efficiency and renewable measures

·        A code of Practice to support a single brand

·        Recording of information provided to consumers in a central database, to support monitoring,         compliance and redress

·        A commitment from Government to assess the consumer protection impact of new policies in the Review sectors.

3) A coherent and effective approach to monitoring and enforcing quality of work:

·        Creation of a single body with overall responsibility for monitoring and sanctioning with respect to quality of assessments, system design, and installation in the Review sectors.

Implementation Board
Peter Bonfield chaired the second Implementation Board meeting on Thursday 3rd March 2016.  Peter was joined by the industry leads of the workstreams and also representatives from DECC and DCLG.

The goal for this meeting was to: (i) be clear on what our recommendations are (ii) identify links and (iii) see where there may be gaps.

The meeting started off with short presentation on the recommendations from each of the workstream leads followed by a question and answer session on the detail.  The outcome of the productive discussion was support from the group for the proposed recommendations and recognition of the synergies across workstreams.

The next steps will be to continue working on the detailed roadmaps for the recommendations and working towards implementation.  The recommendations will be collated into the final Review report for publication.

Every Home Matters Team (The Bonfield 10 )
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Richard Mellish, Matt Webb, Diana Menville and;

Name: Work-stream Lead on:
Alison Oliver Advice & Guidance, Insulation/Fabric, Holistic Property Consideration
Elaine Simpson Smart Meters, Compliance & Enforcement
Lynne Ebdon Skills & Training
Will Field Home Energy Technologies
Sherif Kahky Quality & Standards, Consumer Protection
We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]