Each Home Counts Newsletter 26 August 2016

‘Bonfield Review’ Newsletter

26th August 2016


The Review team continue to make progress with discussions with Ministers and across Government to brief new colleagues on the progress with the Review and the outcomes.

We plan to publish the Review report as soon as we can and will keep you informed regarding when that will be.  We appreciate your continued patience in the meantime.

The Review Report: Our approach………….
When choosing to install energy efficiency or renewable energy measures in their homes, consumers rely on a framework of standards to ensure that they are protected and get a good quality outcome. Whilst the majority of installations are successful, there are a number of cases where consumers are dissatisfied.

The Review team have  engaged with the supply chain, consumer protection organisations and other sector players to establish a consensus of:

(i) the existing problems with installations

(ii) the causes and

(ii) some initial thoughts on broad solutions.

We have been impressed with the industry support for the Review’s purpose and buy-in to build a more sustainable model for the sector.

Following the Review launch event in September 2015 that brought together over 170 stakeholders from across the sector, we have held around 200 meetings and workshops attended by organisations from a cross-section of industry and received additional evidence from many more organisations.  This input into the Review has been really appreciated and has helped shape the proposed recommendations.


As we look to move to implementing the recommendations set out in the report, we would value your continued input to develop an implementation plan.

The Review Report: Progress so far………
We are encouraged that a number of organisations are carrying out initiatives in line with the proposed recommendations in the Review report:

Solid wall insulation industry guidance

The National Insulation Association, the Heating and Hot water Industry Council and British Standards Institution have developed a new industry wide specification which covers best practice for dealing with appliance flues, combustion air ventilators, fuel supply pipework and fittings which may be encountered during the installation of solid wall insulation.

The specification will be made publicly available for use by the wider industry during 2016 and will also be input into the process to revise PAS2030 for ECO: Help to heat from April 2017.

This week…. Next week…..
·       The Review team continued to meet with cross industry stakeholders and Government officials this week to discuss high level recommendations from the Review.


Future Events


·       Skills & training workshop Autumn 2016
·       Advice and Guidance workshops Autumn 2016
·       Home Energy Technologies workshop To be confirmed
Newsletter: stock-take
Interest in the Review Report continues to grow across the industry and the Bonfield Review newsletter mailing list has increased in size.  As we start to move towards implementation of the Review, the review team has completed a stock-take of all newsletters issued since January 2016.  This shows all the progress we have made so far this year and provides those who may have missed particular editions the opportunity to see any articles that may be of interest.  Please see below list:


Date: Topics :
15.01.16 ·      The Insulation Summit: Workstream workshop to discuss proposed straw-man for the future insulation and fabric installation process.

·     Quality & Standards:  Discussions on an end to end framework of retrofitting energy efficiency measures

22.01.16 ·     Skills & Training:  Recommendations for a framework for the future in terms of  skills, training and certification

·     Compliance & Enforcement: Understanding the foundation for developing an effective compliance and enforcement strategy

·      Insulation: insulation workstream progress

29.01.16 ·      Implementation Board: Outline of responsibilities for the Board

·     Advice & Guidance: Developing recommendations for the future shape of advice and guidance within the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.


05.02.16 ·       Orbit Group Meeting: Future models for energy performance and social housing links to Review

·       Advice & Guidance: Thinking outside the box: Improving advice and & guidance to the consumer

·       The inaugural Implementation Board meeting: Mapping out the next steps for the Review

·       Compliance and Enforcement: Progress with workstream

·       Consumer Protection: Overview of the current consumer protection regimes

·       Quality & Standards: Proposals to set up a Task Group of key stakeholders to develop a detailed Standards response to retrofitting energy efficiency measures

12.02.16 ·     Holistic Property Consideration: Discussions on how to consider a more holistic approach to the assessment of buildings

·     Smart Meters: Key recommendations that relate specifically to the smart meters programme.

·     Renewables(later known as Home Energy Technologies): Workshop to discuss technologies that impact on the energy efficiency of the home

19.02.16 ·     Skills & training: focussing on the vision, recommendations and suggested implementation milestones for the workstream

·     Quality & Standards: Next steps for Standards workstream

26.02.16 ·      Consumer Protection: Recommendations about pre contract information to consumers

·      Compliance and Enforcement: Presentations by the sub-group leads on individual recommendations

04.03.16 ·      Consumer protection: Roadmap for redress and implementing workstream recommendations.

·     Implementation Board: Clarification on workstream recommendations

11.03.016 ·       Holistic Property Consideration: workstream recommendations

·       Smart Meters: Emerging recommendations

·       Renewables (later known as Home Energy Technologies): Early discussions on recommendations

18.03.16 ·       Home Energy Technologies (formerly known as Renewables): Setting out the current advice, standards and consumer protection arrangements that exist for the technologies

·       Insulation/fabric: Focus groups leading on developing a straw-man for the insulation workstream

24.03.16 ·       The Review Report: Pulling together a first draft of the Review final report

·       Data Warehouse: to consider an overarching approach and develop a strawman for a data warehouse.

·       Industry Funding: Discussions on how proposed recommendations may be funded

08.04.16 ·       Implementation Board: Workstream progress in working towards a clear plan for implementing the recommendations

·       Quality Management Meeting: Workshop to establish a common approach to quality management

15.04.16 ·       Cross-cutting Industry meeting: The discuss Review recommendations that overlap several workstreams

·       Data Warehouse: the data warehouse recommendation under Advice and Guidance

22.04.16 ·       Federation of Master Builders’: Review Team present at event
29.04.16 ·       The Review Report: Recommending a simple and coherent framework


06.05.16 ·       Implementation board: Progress towards the finalisation of the report

·       Cross Cutting Workstream Workshop: How the Review recommendations may work for SMEs and micro businesses.

13.05.16 ·       Industry & Government meetings: Discussing the proposed recommendations.

·       Meeting with Sarah Beeny: How best to engage with  consumers on energy efficiency

20.05.16 ·       AON Working Group: A team of industry professionals, collaborating to develop a sustainable able to pay market

·       British Standards Institution workshop: A Retrofit Energy Efficiency Measures and PAS 2030

27.05.16 ·       Supporting the Review: Letters of support
03.06.16 ·       Implementation Board: Discussing the details of the recommendations.

·       In other news: The National Flood Resilience Review (Defra)

10.06.16 ·       The Review Report: The proposed Review framework and recommendations

·       Stakeholder Engagement: meetings with various stakeholders to discuss the Review recommendations

17.06.16. ·       Ministerial meeting: Discussion on the recommendations from the Review for the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors.

The Review – progress so far: (i) CIGA and BBA work on pre-installation property assessment  and (ii) Increased access to EPC data

24.06.16 ·       The Review Report: The Review offers a real opportunity to shape the future delivery of energy efficiency and renewable energy installations.

·       Home Energy Technologies: The suggested role of the data warehouse and the proposals for a quality mark

08.07.16 ·       Implementation Board: High level recommendations

·       In other news: ECO Consultation

15.07.16 ·       The Review report: Proposals for a  Quality Mark

·       In Other News: Home energy efficiency and demand reduction

22.07.16 ·       Government Changes: The new Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
29.07.16 ·       Quality & Standards: Task Group to consider how to deliver the Bonfield quality and standards recommendations.

·       ECO Stakeholder Events: ECO: Help to Heat Consultation events

05.08.16 ·       Citizens Advice: Energising Homeowners
12.08.16 ·       The Review – progress so far: Solutions for Smart Meters

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The Bonfield Review Team
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Matt Webb, Pam Wynne, Diana Menville and;

Name: Work-stream Lead on:
Alison Oliver Advice & Guidance, Insulation/Fabric, Holistic Property Consideration
Home Energy Technologies
Smart Meters, Compliance & Enforcement
Quality & Standards, Consumer Protection, Skills & Training
If you wish to speak to the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please contact Alison in the short term.


We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]