Each Home Counts Newsletter 23 September 2016

‘Each Home Counts Review’ Newsletter

23rd September 2016



The Review team are working on finalising the Review report.  As we move towards the report publication, preparations for the implementation phase of the Review Report are also starting to take shape.


We plan to publish the Review report as soon as we can and will keep you informed regarding when that will be.  We appreciate your continued patience in the meantime.

The National Energy Foundation: Advisory Council meeting
“Review workstream leads presenting at the National Energy Foundation Advisory Council meeting”


The National Energy Foundation Advisory Council meeting was held on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at Wolseley’s Sustainable Building Centre in Leamington Spa.  Review workstream leads had been invited to provide their views on the Review report:

·       Holistic Property Consideration, David Adams;

·       Insulation and Fabric, Peter Caplehorn; and

·       Skills and Training, Liz Male.


The National Energy Foundation is a long-established charity that is focused on improving the use of energy in buildings.  Many of its Advisory Council members have provided a great deal of technical expertise into the Review workstreams so far.

Each of the above workstream leads provided a personal view on the issues arising from the Each Home Counts Review, and answered questions on progress to date.

Peter Bonfield joined the meeting towards the end of the day and gave a further update to the Advisory Council members, all senior figures from business, academia, industry and community groups closely involved in energy efficiency.

Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers: Conference

Peter Bonfield also gave an address to the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) conference in Coventry on Wednesday morning, 21 September. This included a discussion period which highlighted areas of opportunity and concerns for IGEM members. IGEM’s CEO Sarb Bajwa will be collating these views and will send to the Review team for consideration.



This week…. Next week…..
·       On Tuesday 20th September Review workstream leads gave an overview on the Review report at The National Energy Foundation Advisory Council meeting

·       On Wednesday 21st September Peter Bonfield presented at the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers Conference

Future events

·       Advice and Guidance workshop – initial implementation discussion with Implementation Board members Tuesday 11th October 2016
·       Skills & Training workshop Autumn 2016
·       Home Energy Technologies workshop To be confirmed
The Bonfield Review Team
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, Nadine Robinson and Diana Menville

Work-streams are:

·       Advice & Guidance,

·       Insulation/Fabric,

·       Holistic Property Consideration

·       Home Energy Technologies

·       Smart Meters,

·       Compliance & Enforcement

·       Quality & Standards,

·       Consumer Protection,

·       Skills & Training

If you wish to speak to the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please contact Alison in the short term.


We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]