Each Home Counts Newsletter 19 February 2016


All work streams are working towards the schedule to complete their recommendations and roadmaps by 29th February. We really appreciate all the continued hard work the groups ae putting into identify their vison for the way forward and action milestones on how we can achieve this together.

This week…. Next week…..

  • The third Compliance and Enforcement workshop took place on Wednesday 17th February. At this session, the draft recommendations and the roadmap were discussed.
  • The Insulation working group met on Wednesday 17th February, bringing together the outcomes from their four independent working groups.
  • On Thursday 18th February our industry colleagues had a productive initial discussion on funding options for implementation of work streams recommendations. A follow up meeting will be scheduled shortly.
  • Following the successful workshop last December for the Advice and Guidance workstream, the follow up meeting is taking place today, 19th February. We will discuss the recommendations for the workstream and also a roadmap for implementing these priorities.
  • We also have the Redress working group event on 19th February for the Consumer Protection workstream. This focus event will follow on from the larger forum on 29 January. It will bring together industry experts to examine the role of an oversight body in providing redress, the role of insurance backed guarantees, independent dispute resolution before suggesting a suitable model for single point of redress for consumers.


Future Events

  • National Housing Federation capacity building meeting
Thursday 25th February
  • Consumer Protection Workshop
Tuesday 1st March
  • Renewables workshop
Early March – TBC
  • Smart Meters workshop
Date to be announced
Skills & Training
The second skills and training workshop took place on Friday 12th February. We had a very productive session focussing on the workstream vision, recommendations and suggested implementation milestones as you can see from the photo of the white board discussion below!

Many thanks and well done again to everyone who took part – much appreciated

Themes from the discussion include how we can best embrace the holistic property consideration, the underpinning of knowledge and core skills across the industry, training, certification and monitoring. Also, the importance of collaboration across the supply chain and training practitioners.

If anyone outside the workshop attendees would like a copy of the discussion write up then please let us know. The workstream is on schedule to deliver the proposed recommendations and roadmap by 29 February as required.

Quality & Standards lead by BSI
Following the first successful discussion forum around Quality & Standards, a workshop took place on Friday 12 February. The lively event brought many additional participants to the discussions table to consider and action the workstream’s next steps. Representatives from other workstreams attended including; Compliance and Enforcement, Insulation, Home Energy Technologies and Holistic Property Consideration

The points of discussion centred on:

·        The requirement for a framework document for retrofitting energy efficiency measures and low carbon energy

·        Agreeing this framework in the short and longer term including

o   The role of PAS2030

o   The role of certification

o   its relationship with Building Regulations

·        Carrying out a current standards mapping exercise against the Framework including a proposed action plan

It was agreed that the major objectives for the workstream will be to:

  • set up a Task Group of key stakeholders to develop a detailed standards response to retrofitting energy efficiency measures and low carbon energy in domestic buildings; and
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of a standards development roadmap in the longer term.
Every Home Matters Team (The Bonfield 10 )
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Richard Mellish, Matt Webb, Diana Menville and;

Name: Work-stream Lead on:
Alison Oliver Advice & Guidance, Insulation, Holistic Property Consideration
Elaine Simpson Smart Meters, Compliance & Enforcement
Lynne Ebdon Skills & Training
Will Field Renewables
Sherif Kahky Quality & Standards, Consumer Protection
We welcome your interest in the workstreams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]