Each Home Counts Newsletter 15 April 2016


‘Every Home Matters’ Newsletter

15th April 2016



Awareness of the Review continues to increase across the sector, as we have been receiving submissions from a wide range of stakeholders providing ideas and possible case studies for our report.

Thank you for all the submissions we have received so far – your input to the Review is really appreciated.  We are ensuring that your ideas are considered as part of the report, which we are currently finalising and anticipate publishing soon. The sections being authored by our industry work streams are being finalised this week.

This week…. Next week…..
·        Activities continue apace.  In the last week members of the team have met with stakeholders from our Consumer Protection work stream, from the Insulation Industry and the Finance sector.  And we know that our work stream groups have been busy finalising their contributions to our Review Report.

Future Events

·         A cross work stream workshop will be set up to discuss further details for the enforcement model and quality framework, whether the funding model works for SMEs, how consumers interact with firms and the complaint handling process. April 2016
Cross-cutting Industry meeting
This week the review team have met with the Construction Industry Council, the Renewable Energy Skills Forum and Which? to discuss the Review’s recommendations on Skills and Training and Consumer Protection.


As well as providing an update on the Review’s progress, the meetings aimed to:

·        Seek clarity on tools and practices used within the skills sector to embed knowledge in training and qualifications;

·        Gather additional knowledge on current stakeholder Consumer Protection models to establish a consensus on the future vision for Consumer Protection;

·        Better understand how the Review’s recommendations can be put into practice.

Data Warehouse: cross-cutting work stream meeting
A cross cutting work stream meeting was held on Monday 14th March to discuss the data warehouse recommendation covered the requirements of the Advice and Guidance and the Holistic Property Consideration work streams.

The concept had emerged following recommendations from several work streams that emphasised the need to better utilise available data and information on homes.

The meeting explored the potential benefits that could be realised and provided some suggestions as to how the data warehouse could be structured and funded.

Some of the primary benefits of a co-ordinated data warehouse approach on property data could be to:

·        Improve delivery of energy supplier obligations and the Warm Homes Discount;

·        Increase the value of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs);

·        Improve customer engagement and advice;

·        Provide powerful macro-economic information for industry and government;

·        Underpin the Quality Assurance Framework for energy efficiency.

Also, the discussion focused on funding options for the data warehouse, including through:

·        lodgement fees (as used for EPCs);

·        Data matching services for eligibility for supplier obligations;

·        Property owner payments for detailed property information;

·        Organisations paying for research access.

Further work is required on the data warehouse around ensuring data protection for the householder and robust mechanisms for them allowing others to access this data.

Every Home Matters Team (The Bonfield 10 )
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Matt Webb, Pam Wynne, Lynne Ebdon, Diana Menville and;

Name: Work-stream Lead on:
Alison Oliver Advice & Guidance, Insulation/Fabric, Holistic Property Consideration
Elaine Simpson Smart Meters, Compliance & Enforcement
Will Field Home Energy Technologies
Sherif Kahky Quality & Standards, Consumer Protection, Skills & Training
We welcome your interest in the work streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]