Each Home Counts Newsletter 13 January 2017

Happy New Year!
Message from Peter Bonfield, Chair of Each Home Counts Review
We published the Review Report on the Government website on 16 December immediately following its final approval by No. 10.  If you have not yet seen it then you can find it here. You will see on the website that we have invited feedback on the Review- comments, recommendations, concerns, offers of support and engagement. If you have not done so already and are inclined to do so, then please send your perspectives to [email protected] by 31 January.

I wanted the Report to be in the public domain as soon as possible, and also wanted the Report to speak for itself and to give the opportunity for stakeholders in the energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors to respond freely and without influence. So no press release was issued and no media campaign initiated. I announced the publication through my twitter account @bonfieldpbre. Professional bodies, industry bloggers, stakeholder organisations, consumer groups and trade media picked up the story and subsequently there have been more than 75 articles published which give their perspectives on the Recommendations of the Review. They were overwhelmingly positive in content either factually or in supporting the Recommendations, of course also with specific topics relevant to the stakeholders or needs as concerns over what will happen next.

This has been good to see, but as many of you will be aware, because you have been involved in the Review’s development, our widespread engagement and involvement with many groups has informed the Recommendations and forward plan. So it is perhaps not surprising that the responses have been constructive. The Review has brought together the perspectives, needs and ways forward of many of you who want these sectors to operate responsibly, underpinned by good quality and with greater certainty, in a way that is in the interests of the consumers and an economically more stable and certain private sector – particularly for the many small businesses that operate within it.

So we now move into implementation and I thought it might be helpful to share some of our plans for this.

We are building our timeline and key milestones and outcomes needed to deliver the top level and supporting Recommendations in the Review. We are also mapping who and how we engage effectively with the many people, businesses and organisations who will work together to deliver. At our Implementation Board held yesterday we mapped out some of this detail so we have a clear process, actions and engagement plan.

We plan to hold a launch event, probably in early February, to launch and give information about the Review, and to share some detail of the implementation plan. We will then establish working parties, assigning elements of the plan to deliver, who will come together at a conference and workshop in early April to share and progress our work.

At the launch event I expect to be able to announce some pilot projects which will be used to develop, test, learn and build capacity against the Review Recommendations. And those attending will also hear from other stakeholders who will be driving the Review recommendations forward.

We will also set in place some form of Review communication hub through which we, and others, can communicate. Successful progress is somewhat predicated on effective and open communications.

So, I hope you get a sense of the movement that has already started. It took some while to get the Review published. We are all now taking action to implement so that the Recommendations and beneficial impacts and outcomes for all can be achieved.

Many thanks to the many of you who have contributed to and been part of the Review. As a consequence we have strong buy in and a strong platform to deliver from. I look to you all and others to ensure we do.

Peter Bonfield

Chair, Each Home Counts Review

This week…. Next week…..
·        HET workstream  and BSI retrofit task group meeting, Wednesday 11th January 2017

·       Implementation Board meeting, Thursday 12th January 2017

Future events

·       Quality & Standards: Fabric workshop Date to be confirmed
The Bonfield Review Team
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Ben Golding, Pam Wynne, Alison Oliver, James Sharples and Diana Menville

Work-streams are:

·       Advice & Guidance,

·       Insulation/Fabric,

·       Holistic Property Consideration

·       Home Energy Technologies

·       Smart Meters,

·       Compliance & Enforcement

·       Quality & Standards,

·       Consumer Protection,

·       Skills & Training

·       Code of conduct

·       Finance & Insurance

If you wish to contact the Review team about any of the workstreams above then please drop an email to [email protected].

We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]


Following publication of the report, if you would like to provide feedback on the Review and its recommendations please send your comments to [email protected]  mailbox by 31st January 2017.