Each Home Counts Newsletter 12 February 2016


We are pleased to report that recommendations are coming together well and we are making good progress in developing workstream roadmaps. The Review is stirring up attention, as we have been hearing about activities happening that are aligned with the objectives of the Review. It’s pleasing to see the wider influence of the Review.

 Stakeholder events that took place today

This week…. Next week…..

· The second Quality & Standards workshop is taking place today, 12 February. The meeting aims to define the scope and purpose of an overarching standard and agree a framework for retrofitting energy efficiency measures.

· Also, the second Skills and Training Workshop is taking place today, 12 February at the DECC offices in London. At this session, the Group are working to define priority recommendations for the workstream.

·        There have been many useful cross workstream teleconferences and meetings happening over the past week between industry colleagues. These are an excellent example of the increased links being made between workstreams and to make sure all activities under the Review are joined up.

Future Events

  • Compliance and Enforcement Workshop
  • Insulation Working Group
Wednesday 17th February

Wednesday 17th February

  • Advice & Guidance Workshop
Friday 19th February
  • Consumer Protection Workshop
Date to be announced

Holistic Property Consideration

Early discussions around workstream recommendations identified a need to consider a more holistic approach to the assessment of buildings, the identification of appropriate measures, and their design prior to the installation process. As a consequence we set up a separate workstream to provide focus on this during the Review. David Adams from Willmott Dixon is leading on this Holistic Property Consideration workstream.

Taking a holistic approach will help ensure that energy efficiency and renewable energy installations are only carried out on suitable properties and in conjunction with other required measures. For example, ensuring that ventilation needs are considered and addressed when putting insulation into a property.

The workstream is considering different levels of information required by the consumer, designer and installer when considering and installing measures and how these may take a holistic approach. This includes the provision of advice and guidance to the consumer, gathering information about the home and undertaking the energy performance assessment and also when undertaking the more detailed pre-installation surveys.

The next steps for the workstream are to provide further detail for how this proposed model may work in practice.

Smart Meters
The smart meters work-stream has been working hard to refine the key recommendations that relate specifically to the smart meters programme.

Input from discussions with a variety of stakeholders during the Review has resulted in a series of emerging recommendations that have been identified around three key themes:

  1. Ensuring the quality and consistency of energy efficiency advice given to householders during the smart meter installation rollout
  2. Ensuring the capacity and skills of smart meter installers to deliver a good consumer experience

3. Ensuring industry works together to deliver the technology needed so that smart meters can be installed in as many properties as possible, regardless of property type

The advice recommendation links very closely with the Advice & Guidance work-stream, and representatives from the smart meter group will work closely to ensure complimentary crossover.

Work is now beginning to take place under the “Renewables” strand of the review, with the first decision being to change the name. The workstream led by Howard Porter from BEAMA will now be called the “Home Energy Technologies” workstream.

At the first meeting of the Implementation Board it was felt that it was important to broaden out the focus of the group to reflect the interests of a wider number of technologies. Alongside looking at renewables like Solar PV and Heat Pumps, the group will now also look at other technologies that impact on the energy efficiency of the home such as ventilation, storage and heating controls.

This change also reflects some of the discussions from the first work-stream group meeting on 29 February which also considered how “renewable” technologies may become increasingly mainstream, the importance of holistic property assessments and a need to focus not on just installation and consumer redress but also ongoing maintenance of technologies following installation.

The work-stream will also focus on the installation process for individual technologies themselves rather than the umbrella frameworks that sit above the sector. These higher level and strategic discussions will better be considered in the core workstreams where many of these topics are already being covered.

We therefore encourage you to ensure you are properly engaged with the 5 overarching workstreams where you have an interest in these. Going forward, we will shortly be asking individual technology areas to draw together some key recommendations for their area along with actions for implementation to be taken forward under the review.

To help co-ordinate these responses, Howard Porter will be asking a small number of organisations to establish some technology specific working groups and lead on co-ordinating a response reflecting the concerns these groups. Details on how the working groups will be established will be sent out shortly to participants of the first workstream meeting.

If you were not at this meeting but want to be considered for these working groups please let us know.

Name Change
YES! The eagle eyed among you would have noticed that our name has changed to ‘Every Home Matters’. We will be using this name going forward.
Every Home Matters Team (The Bonfield 10 )
The team is:

Peter Bonfield, Kanta Nar, Richard Mellish, Matt Webb, Diana Menville and;

Name: Work-stream Lead on:
Alison Oliver Advice & Guidance, Insulation, Holistic Property Consideration
Elaine Simpson Smart Meters, Compliance & Enforcement
Lynne Ebdon Skills & Training
Will Field Renewables
Sherif Kahky Quality & Standards, Consumer Protection
We welcome your interest in the work-streams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our joint email account, [email protected]