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The Each Home Counts Team

The BEIS team is: Richard Mellish, Pam Wynne, Kate Duffy, Rob Light & Diana Menville. THE EHC Board Chair is: Howard Porter.

The workstreams are:

  • Code of Conduct/Consumer Protection (Liz Male, Liz Male Consulting / Peter Broad, Citizens Advice)
  • Standards (Clare Price, BSI/ Peter Rickaby, Peter Rickaby Consulting)
  • Compliance & Enforcement (Claire Curtis-Thomas, BBA)
  • Information Hub & Data Warehouse (Philip Sellwood, Laura McGadie, EST)
  • Skills & Training (Richard Bayliss, CITB)
  • Data Ethics, Privacy & Protection (Rich Hampshire, CGI)
  • Finance & Insurance (Stephen Huller, BNP Paribas Personal Finance)
  • Building Fabric & Technology (Peter Caplehorn, CPA)
  • Home Energy Technology & Renewables (Kelly Bulter, BEAMA)
  • Design and Installation (Alan Cochrane, Retrofit Design Services)
  • Measurement, Monitoring and Verification (Kerry Mashford, NEF)
  • Smart Meters (Audrey Gallacher, Energy UK)
  • Social Housing (tbc)
  • Pilots (BEIS)

We welcome your interest in the workstreams, so please continue to send in your contributions, thoughts and comments to our website.

Quality Mark Scope update on behalf of the Implementation Board 16th November 2017

Each Home Counts proposes a consumer protection framework for the energy efficiency, renewable energy and home improvements sector that is voluntary for industry schemes (certification bodies and others), and voluntary for installers and other businesses.

Each Home Counts proposes a consumer protection framework for the energy efficiency, renewable energy and home improvements sector that is voluntary for industry schemes (certification bodies and others), and voluntary for installers and other businesses.

Once the criteria are agreed and published for the proposed new quality mark, it will be a scheme’s choice whether it wishes to join and whether it wishes to award that quality mark to its members.  Installers will be able to access the quality mark via an approved scheme.

In advance of publishing the detailed criteria and in response to queries from the sector, the Implementation Board can confirm:

  • The certification of products is outside the scope of Each Home Counts.
  • Participation in the quality mark is not intended to be mandatory for any business or installer, and therefore is voluntary.
  • For any part of industry participating, there will be no increased costs for the relevant manufacturers
  • The focus on the Review continues to be based upon developing and implementing a framework that avoids duplication and unnecessary bureaucracy, and works within existing legal constraints on industry and with existing schemes to build on good practice, so reducing cost for industry and consumers.

Only if an installer or business wishes to be awarded the quality mark will that business come within scope.  Ultimately, it is the market and not the Each Home Counts Implementation Board or  Government that will decide how this works in practice, and outcomes will likely be based on perceived risk associated with technology groups and the quality of available alternatives.

Each Home Counts Quality Mark Update from the Implementation Board 10th November 2017

The Each Home Counts Implementation Board’s view is that Government endorsed schemes (in particular, MCS and Trustmark) – working together – should deliver Quality Mark, governed by a Master Licence Agreement or equivalent. The scope of the work is to be informed by principles (the fundamental norms, rules and values that the new organisation would be expected to adopt) and minimum requirements (necessary to support the recommendations of the Each Home Counts review) specified by the Each Home Counts Implementation Board.


The scope of work and outline minimum specification to be completed by the EHC Implementation Board by end 2017, framework developed by the Government endorsed schemes by April 2018, ready to deliver from June 2018 and fully operational by 1 October 2018.