Each Homes Counts has a total of 27 recommendations and sets out a new quality and standards framework for all those operating in the sector. This includes the setting up of:

  • A quality mark against which all those engaged in design and installation of measures will be assessed and certified against
  • A Consumer Charter to ensure consumers receive excellent customer service, and access to redress procedures when things go wrong
  • A Code of Conduct for companies operating in the home renewable energy and energy efficiency sector
  • Technical Codes of Practice and standards for the installation of home renewable energy and energy efficiency measures so that the risk of poor-quality installation is minimised
  • Development of an Information Hub and Data Warehouse.

Implementing the recommendations

Following publication of the Each Home Counts report, an Implementation Board is now working to develop action plans and timelines against the recommendations. The initial emphasis will be on the creation of the quality mark framework.

The Implementation board will appoint a Strategic Governance Board made up of industry, consumer protection organisations, and government. Support to this board would be provided by an organisation known as the Service Organisation. Its role will be to undertake the day-to-day functions of the quality mark.


Key actions already being carried out:

  • revisions to PAS 2030 and PAS 2031 standards ¬†Spring 2017 ready for ECO: Help to Heat, with a consultation expected in Summer 2017;
  • standards mapping exercise and developing a plan for commissioning new or revised standards
  • establishing a Retrofit Standards Task Group
  • scoping the future of ESAS, including how this will link to the Information Hub proposed by the Review.

Download the Report

The report is available for download from the UK Government publication website. Click on the image below to download.

Each Home Counts: Review of Consumer Advice, Protection, Standards and Enforcement for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy