Quality Mark Functions

An update on current status of the Review recommendations

Over the past few months the EHC Implementation board have worked with the Quality Mark, Industry Scheme Providers, Trades, Trading Standards and other Government bodies to bring together the many different elements highlighted in the EHC review. This has resulted in the development of a new Quality Mark Framework – all focused on improving consumer protection, growing consumer confidence and raising industry standards through a recognised and trusted Quality Mark.

The draft Framework is now complete, and we would like to now share and discuss what the draft Framework will do to enhance consumer protection and raise industry standards.

The 3x Presentation Workshop Sessions took place on 9th, 10th and 11th of April 2018.

Each day will carry the same format of:

a. EHC Implementation Board Introduction
b. Update presentations on the Quality Mark
c. Presenting the Draft Framework
d. Workshop discussion session
e. Question and Answer session.


Enclosed below is a link to the presentation slides that were used to aid in the walk through of the draft Framework and for the Q&A discussions that took place. If you would like further information on the workshops or the presentation slides, please email: Framework@eachhomecounts.org.uk.

We have captured all questions and answers from each of the workshops sessions and are collating these into a document that will be communicated out to all registrants.

The presentation slides from the Each Home Counts quality mark Framework Operating Requirements workshop sessions are available here.