Information Hub and Data Warehouse


An update on current status of the Review recommendations

Information Hub & Data Warehouse also known as the Advice and Guidance Workstream has been making good progress, having developed the concept of the Information Hub to a point where its alignment with future advice services being explored by government is now being considered.

Meanwhile the process for developing and approving technology and situational factsheets is being developed, working with the Home Energy Technology and Fabric Workstreams. The group is also considering options for advice and information standards.

High-level content for the Information Hub has been discussed with stakeholders and existing sources of information are being explored.

Intended users are householders, advice providers and the supply chain; this wider audience for the Hub will also allow for the provision of face to face advice and advice at point of sale or whilst work is being carried out in the home. The Hub will bring consistency to the advice provided and credibility to those referencing the materials.

A draft process and template has been developed to produce a suite of factsheets, developed with industry and focused on individual measures and situations. This is being trialled with the ventilation group.

In July BEIS issued a tender to develop a prototype for a digital domestic consumer energy efficiency advice service. Work is expected to start in September and be complete by December.